As of 2007, Promovens has introduced a new element in its work-preparing news from Macedonia in English on daily basis. Currently, the majority of the Promovens team is engaged in said sector- a total of seven translators (from Albanian and Macedonian to English), who satisfy the need for news of most embassies, international organizations and companies operating in or with Macedonia.

In the course of our work, as of 2012, Promovens has also engaged in organizing events, conferences, seminars, workshops and similar for our regular clients and other interested parties. At the moment, the firm has at its disposal several types of equipment required for organizing events.


Promovens on daily basis prepares various news from Macedonia in English. They are delivered via e-mail to our clients in numerous embassies, international organizations, news and other agencies and companies operating in or with Macedonia. Our daily news products include:

Skopje Dawn – morning news;

Skopje Events – all events pre-scheduled for the day;

Skopje Headlines – Front pages of 6 Macedonian daily newspapers, (in Albanian and Macedonian);

Skopje TV Headlines – Summary of ALL news on 7 national TV Channels;

Skopje Diem – Summary of all relevant news on 12 to 20 pages;

Skopje Economy – all economy related news;

Skopje Opinion & Social – opinion articles in traditional and social media;

Weekend Ticker – News headlines delivered at 08.00, 14.00 17.00 and 20.00,on weekends and holidays (on mail or SMS);


Our summaries cover all relevant media from the country in both Macedonian and Albanian. In the next period, many events in Macedonia will be of a regional importance – negotiations over the name issue, NATO accession, relations with EU, human trafficking issues, religious radicalism etc. We are the best choice for you to be up to date with all the news.

Promovens Ltd is an independent private company and has no business or other connections with any news agency in Macedonia or abroad, nor with any governmental or non-governmental institution.

We are happy to offer you a free trial on all our products. You should only inform us on which e-mail address you want them delivered.