Police Fail to Find Mijalkov in Vodno Home and Marriott after House Arrest Measure

After police failed to find Saso Mijalkov on Sunday in his Vodno home and at other locations in order to hand over to the former Security and Counter-Intelligence Administration Director the decision according to which the measures of precaution in the Target-Fortress case, which concerns the wire-tapping scandal, are replaced with house arrest until the first-instance verdict is reached, a central warrant has been issued, well-informed sources have told Fokus, the weekly’s website reported at around 12:03 am on Monday. As Fokus had previously reported, the measures were replaced with house arrest, but Mijalkov was neither in his Vodno home nor in the Marriott Hotel. The verdict in the case will be announced on 26 April. The warrant has been sent to all border-crossings, according to Alsat TV. There have been speculations that the former secret police chief is on the run.