Jankovic: North Macedonia’s NATO Membership is Realisation of Strategic Goal

Chief of the NATO Liaison Office Skopje Zoran Jankovic said in an interview for web portal ZOOM.mk that with the accession in NATO Macedonia managed to realise on of its greatest national and strategic goals. “You are now part of a great family which keeps the security of the region. Processes for improving of the security area already in motion, and many new opportunities will arise from that. North Macedonia now has two positions in the Command Structure of NATO, as well as delegations to the NATO Headquarters in Brussels and all other locations, and from those positions your country can make significant contributions to the visions, agendas and goals of NATO,” Jankovic said. Commenting on the issues with the security certificates from NATO, Jankovic said that it is a normal thing for some of the military and state officials to not acquire such certificates, saying that such things also happened in Slovenia when it became a NATO member-state.