Defence Minister Sekerinska and US Ambassador Byrnes Visit Krivolak

“We’ve shown that ambitiousness brings results. However, we’ve shown the same ambitiousness also regarding the development of the Krivolak training area,” Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska said during Monday’s visit to Krivolak together with US Ambassador Kate Marie Byrnes. There, members of the Army of Macedonia and US Armed Forces are working on building new contents before the start of the international exercise, Decisive Strike 21, which will take place from 17 May to 2 June. According to the announcements, more than 2,000 army members from the US, Macedonia, Greece, and Bulgaria will participate. The Ambassador said she was really impressed by the huge progress achieved by the members of the Army of North Macedonia in the two months since her last visit, adding that Sekerinska had recognised Krivolak’s potential and pledges to develop it for the Army and for NATO.