Byrnes: French Proposal Protects Macedonian Language

US Ambassador in Skopje Kate Marie Byrnes says in an interview for MIA that the French proposal for the negotiation framework for the EU accession talks for North Macedonia protects the Macedonian language and gives the country a unique opportunity to start the membership talks with the EU. “North Macedonia has done so much to be where it is now. They are members of NATO, and thanks to their great progress, they are about to start the accession talks with the EU. Throughout these processes, the US remained and will remain great supporters of North Macedonia and its progress. The French proposal is a unique opportunity for the country to finally start the accession talks with the EU, and at the same time, it protects the unique and original character of the Macedonian language. True, Skopje and Sofia need to reach agreement over the bilateral issues they have, but those issues and agreements should not be part of the EU accession process, and our support here remains. North Macedonia and the US nourish very fruitful cooperation in numerous fields, but our bilateral cooperation cannot be alternative for your integration in the EU. Still, disinformation and fake news are causing great problems in this process, which is why it is so important to have credible and legitimate sources in order to create healthy space for parliamentary debate. It is important for the people to receive correct information about the processes, about the contents of the documents etc.,” Byrnes says among other things in the interview.