Commission Against Discrimination: Gruevski’s Right to Fair Trial Violated

Judge Dobrila Kacarska has violated Nikola Gruevski’s right to a fair trial, the Commission for Protection against Discrimination decided on Monday, in response to the former PM’s complaint. The Commission, headed by Aleksandar Dastevski, had made in September an identical decision on former Interior Minister Jankuloska. Afterwards, an initiative to dismiss Dastevski was submitted before the Criminal Court. SDSM criticised the Commission’s decision on Gruevski. “People close to VMRO-DPMNE’s anti-Western leadership and their mentor, Nikola Gruevski, including Aleksandar Spasenovski, a former MP from the party, but also Aleksandar Dastevski and Toni Naunoski are committed to defending the former PM” the ruling party pointed out. In response to SDSM’s stance, VMRO-DPMNE said Zoran Zaev’s party “has started to threaten also independent bodies that make facts-based decisions”.