EC: We Would Never Cut Funds on Grounds of Different Political Views

The press team of the European Commission (EC) came out with a written reaction after the claims by certain media that the EU was considering reduction or complete halt of funds for organisations that criticise the French proposal for lifting the Bulgarian veto for the EU accession talks for North Macedonia. “This is absolutely not true. The civil sector is a key component of any democratic society, and is crucial partner in the process for accession of North Macedonia in the EU. It is not in within EU’s authority to cease funds on the grounds of different political views, and such an act would also violate the regulations of the IPA 3 Programme, which are important in the pre-accession process,” writes the reaction signed by EC Spokesperson Ana Pisonero. Several media outlets in the country, citing unnamed diplomatic sources from Brussels, wrote that EU officials are not happy with the negative reactions by some civil organisations to the French proposal, and were considering cutting funds for them.