Empire Case: Court Freezes Companies’ Assets

The defence of businessperson Jordan Kamcev, who is detained within the frameworks of the Empire case, opened by the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), will request for the decision on the detention order to be re-examined because it considers that he was detained by the SPO without a court warrant and taken to court while his companies were being searched. According to the defence, this is one of the arguments which show that the procedure was violated. It is requesting a termination of the detention measure and presentation of arguments at a public session.  However, as the Fokus weekly reported on Monday, citing well-informed sources, a warrant to arrest Kamcev and the four other persons who are in detention exists and was signed by the judge in a previous procedure, Vesna Dimiskova. Also on Monday, upon a request from the SPO, the Court froze the assets and accounts of companies covered in the case.