JPC Meeting: Country Notes Huge Breakthrough after years of Stalemate

Macedonia should fully implement the reforms deemed necessary for full-fledged membership into the European Union. The country has noted a huge breakthrough after years spent in the Union’s waiting room and now it is faced with a vital moment for its future following years of political turmoil. These are some of the recommendations of the 15th meeting of EU-Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC), which ended on Thursday following two-days of discussions. The Joint Parliamentary Committee exchanged views on Macedonia-EU relations, reforms in the judiciary, work of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), fight against corruption and organized crime, electoral reforms and reforms of the intelligence system. European Parliament Vice-President Dimitrios Papadimoulis, who is also head of the Syriza’s EP group, said that all EP parties had recognized progress and an open path for the country’s pro-European orientation.