MEP Kovatchev Reacts to Social media Post by President Pendarovski

Bulgarian MEP Andrey Kovatchev reacted to a post on social network of President Stevo Pendarovski dedicated to the Miladinovi Brothers, in which Pendarovski accents their significance for the Macedonian literature and culture. “This is supposed to be the last post by any official of North Macedonia in which they write in such manner. With the French proposal, the respect of good-neighbourliness and friendship will become the main horizontal criterion for the progress of Skopje towards EU. The protocol in the negotiation framework from Article 12 of the Good-neighbourliness Agreement obliges the state officials of North Macedonia to be more careful in their public statements concerning events and people from our mutual history. So, the mixed commission will debate the notion about the Miladinovi Brothers, and then Pendarovski will not be able to deny their significance for the Bulgarian literature and culture as well, since it is already well known that they declared themselves as Bulgarians, wrote in Bulgarian and published a book named ‘Bulgarian folk songs’. I believe that this way the manipulative double-sensed statements by Pendarovski and other politicians there will stop once and for all,” Kovatches writes.