Mickoski: Government Doesn’t Have Support for Constitutional Changes

VMRO-DPMNE Leader Hristijan Mickoski claims that the government is uncertain and that they still do not have the support of 80 MPs in the Parliament in order to conduct the Changes to the preamble of the Constitution, which would register the Bulgarian minority along with the other ones that live in North Macedonia. “I gave them a choice, to either enact the constitutional changes since they claim they can secure the support necessary, and if that happens that I will withdraw from politics, or if they cannot do that, to have snap elections. In the first case, I think, if they are certain they have the support of 80 MPs, they should do all that as soon as possible, for they will at the same time save time for the process, and will get rid of me as obstacle in their policies for managing the state. In the second option, we will finally give the people the right to have a say and elect a government which will have the people’s credibility, unlike the current government which was literally installed without the will of the people. Having in mind the latest responses from the government to my offer, we can see that they do not care for European values, but only for personal privileges and corruption,” Mickoski wrote on Facebook.