New name to be put on Government’s building in both Macedonian and Albanian

The procedure to put the country’s new name on the Government’s building will be carried out after the elections. According to Government Sec Gen , the procedure requires procedures concerning tenders. “You can expect that to happen after the elections, considering that tender procedures that are not in the Annual Plan for Public Procurements cannot be implemented during elections,” he stated on Monday. The new name will be written in both Macedonian and Albanian, according to the Languages Law. Since the Law entered into force a month and half ago, there have been no obstructions by institutions during its implementation, Deputy PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani said after the working meeting held the same day with representatives of the Interdepartmental Group tasked with implementation of the document. The biggest problem, in his view, will be the translation of provisions. The newly-formed Agency for implementation has already been given premises. The procedure to give the first employees to it, who are coming from the Government’s General Secretariat, started the same day. A law to form a Language Use Inspectorate is underway, too. Its task will be to supervise the implementation of the Languages Law and issue fines for non-observance.