Nikolovski and Maricic Comment on Several Topics

According to the Deputy PM for Fighting Corruption, Sustainable Development, and Human Resources Ljupco Nikolovski, there will be a competition for both directors of institutions that will be appointed by the Government and members of supervisory and managing boards. As he explained at a press-conference on Friday, they will also need to file a motivation letter and programme in order for one to be able to assess what work has been done at the end of their term. That way, Nikolovski added, true professional staff will be chosen transparently and honestly. The same day, Nikolovski and Justice Minister Bojan Maricic said the new GRECO report noted progress in the fight against corruption in Macedonia.  Commenting on VMRO-DPMNE’s proposal for the opposition to nominate the Public Prosecutor, Maricic said it was not acceptable. With regards to the brutal conduct of police in Bitola, the Minister condemned it. He expects a swift and decisive response.