Parliamentary Debate on Cabinet Reshuffle Proposal Continues

The debate in Parliament to dismiss Bekim Sali as Health Minister in the frames of the cabinet reshuffle process continued on Wednesday. However, MPs from the majority haven’t said why he needs to leave the position. The opposition, however, pointed on Wednesday, to, as its members said, the weaknesses he has failed to fix. Opposition parliamentarians also levelled accusations at Alliance for Albanians leader Arben Taravari, saying he was saving DUI. They were also reading quotes from speeches of his in which he levels crime and corruption accusations at Ali Ahmeti’s party. Taravari’s party, however, said he still had the same opinion.  The debate will continue on Thursday. Wednesday also saw Daim Luci, Deputy Culture Minister and the only official from Alternative whose dismissal hasn’t been requested by PM Dimitar Kovacevski, say he would not be part of the party as long as Afrim Gashi was the leader. In a post on Facebook, he levels many accusations at both Gashi and Sali, saying he had been boycotted by them. Luci claims that the only reason for Alternative leaving the ruling coalition is the procedure for dismissal of Gashi’s friend, Sali.