PM Kovacevski Talks on Phone to US State Department Counsellor Chollet

PM Dimitar Kovacevski spoke on the phone on Friday with Counsellor of the US Department of State Chollet Derek, upon Chollet’s request. The conversation was done in presence of US Ambassador Angela Aggeler and Deputy PM in charge of European Affairs Bojan Maricic. During the conversation, Chollet thanked Kovacevski for North Macedonia’s contribution to the process for normalisation of the bilateral relations between Belgrade and Pristina, saying that the organisation of the round of talks on 18 March in Ohrid showed that North Macedonia is a credible partner to the US and the EU. Chollet also reiterated the US support for the processes for integration of North Macedonia in the EU, while Kovacevski thanked him for the support the US provides for the dialogue in the Parliament for the constitutional changes the state has to make in order to continue the EU integration processes. Kovacevski also voiced hope that in the period to come North Macedonia and the US will continue to improve and strengthen their bilateral cooperation in all fields.