PM Zaev Attends and Addresses Paris Peace Forum

PM Zoran Zaev took part on Thursday in the Paris Peace Forum, which this year was held online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. At the forum, Zaev spoke about the ongoing pandemic and the response of the world and of Macedonia to it. “This is a time when all eyes of our citizens are faced towards us, the political leaders. They wait from us solutions and concrete strategies for dealing with this danger, and we have received the message and started to act. We work hard, without a rest, to secure the health and the well-being of our citizens. For this purpose, we are also hear together today, to share experiences for dealing with this challenge. It depends on us will and how much the world will remain the same once the pandemic ends. We must not succumb to the pressure, and we must fight with all we’ve got and know to make this world better, for our citizens,” Zaev said. Referring to the ongoing disputes with Bulgaria concerning the start of the inter-governmental session for membership negotiations between EU and Macedonia, Zaev said that both sides are working on finding solutions for the bilateral disputes, expressing hope that the situation will be overcome very soon.