PM Zaev: Information about Merkel’s stand on Date issue Old

According to PM Zoran Zaev, the information that German Chancellor Angela Markel disagrees with Macedonia being given a date for negotiations is old. As he said on Friday, conversations about this issue at the highest level, but also with parliamentarians, are still underway. The PM announced a meeting with Merkel, too. “I’m glad that a message for an exact term for a meeting with Chancellor Merkel has been sent. This success is of both Chancellor Merkel and EU member-states, who was personally here for the referendum to encourage and to give political support, but also economic one. No matter how much regional aspects are reasons to calculate with the decisions, because we are surely not, that is confirmed. We’ve been waiting for 15 years, it should happen,” Zaev stated. According to Zaev, what matters to them is the decisions and information of the EU’s General Affairs Council, which will have a meeting from 18 to 21 June and at the end of July, too. The PM once again said that he would return the mandate if there was no date, adding that whether there would be an election of a new government or just a reshuffle depended on that.  In his view, if the reshuffle remains as a plan, that can happen by the end of June at the latest. However, Zaev stated that a session of the Government next week would see certain changes to directorial positions.