PPO reveals New Case of Wire-tapping of Phone Conversations

The Public Prosecution of Macedonia (PPO) revealed at a press conference on Friday that they are currently running a pre-investigative procedure after discovering that all landlines in the building of PPO have been wire-tapped. The Head of PPO Ljubomir Joveski revealed that they have found two hard disks containing phone conversations of incoming and outgoing calls from the landlines in the building, from 30 September 2016 till 30 November 2018. Joveski stated that all details related to this wire-tapping scandal will be examined, including the tenders for procurement of the telephones and the hard disks. This case was also confirmed by PM Zoran Zaev, who also added that landlines in the Basic Court Skopje 1 have also been a target of wire-tapping. “The wire-tapping in the court was conducted in the same period as that in PPO, and we need to leave it now to the investigation to show who did this and for what purpose. This is a very serious matter, and shows us how much the Republic of Macedonia is damaged. I encourage the institutions to proceed with the independent investigation,” Zaev said. The Government of Macedonia officially condemned the new cases of wire-tapping of the communications of state officials, with Governmental Spokesperson Mile Bosnjakovski evaluating the scandal as a residual from past authoritarian government of Macedonia.