SCPC opening New cases

The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) is opening cases and will be looking into the property situation of Supreme Court President Jovo Vangelovski and several judges, including Aleksandra Zafirovska, Vladimir Pancevski and Sofija Lalicic. On the basis of the Human Rights Report, the SCPC will check data from the asset declarations and statements of interests because of the suspicions of abuse and corrupt actions. On the basis of a rumour, the property situation of former minister Mile Janakieski, ex-deputy minister Ilija Isajlovski and former Government Sec Gen Kiril Bozinovski, too, will be examined. In addition, a procedure will be opened to determine risks in terms of signing corrupt deals in the procedures for public procurements during preparation and revision for detailed urban plans in the Municipality of Centar. The long list includes other cases, too.