SDSM and Alternative Should Finalize Principles for Coalition in Next Two Days

Although speculations are growing in the public that Alternative is seeking at least one ministerial and one deputy prime minister post to enter the government, Gashi’s party assures that the personnel decisions have not been put on the table yet, and in the next two days will finalize the principles of joint governance. and program determinations. But, for the time being, neither of the two sides reveals what program commitments are in question. Although Alternative claims that it is still too early to talk about the division of responsibilities, unofficial sources from the parties brief that one of the functions that Gashi prefers is the Ministry of Health. “As for the positions that Alternative should have in the future government, so far there is no concrete offer or request from us,” say Gashi’s party. VMRO-DPMNE does not deviate from the demand for quick elections as a way out of the political crisis. Alternative’s negotiations for joining the Government were assessed as contradictory, and the moves of SDSM and DUI were desperate attempts to stay in power.