SEC Receives New Shipment of Fingerprint Terminals, Data Filling Begins

“The State Election Commission received more than a thousand of these terminals, and the filling of data from the citizens of the already arrived has already started,” said President of SEC Aleksandar Dastevski, who attended the handover. “With today’s shipment we expect to arrive about a thousand more devices for biometric identification of citizens and thus we will have over half of the necessary devices, and by the end of the week all will arrive, two more shipments every two days. At the moment, the charging of the smart cards is ongoing at SEC, which should end today and the charging of the devices should start in the afternoon. The charging will be completed by 11 October,” Dastevski said. The education of the election boards, as he said, is going well, but there will be another cycle of trainings for the use of the terminals, for which a guide for working with them has been prepared, as well as a video. On election day, SEC requires about 200 IT engineers to assist the people managing the equipment, and the company delivering the devices has also hired 80 people, who will also assist SEC.