Thimonier: North Macedonia Yet to Implement Reforms

The French Ambassador to Macedonia Christian Thimonier says in an interview for web portal “Portal B” that France and the EU will closely follow the implementation of reforms to the very last day before a decision is made on start of the EU membership negotiations. “We can say today that neither negotiations nor the EU membership itself improved the general conditions in some of the member-states of the EU, where state capacities remain blocked by political parties and a handful of families which hold as a hostage the economic systems of these countries. We no longer want to accept such countries in the EU. We would like to give North Macedonia some more time to adopt certain decisions and resolutions, and we expect this not only from parties in power, but from the opposition too. We must not be guided by the logic that North Macedonia should be given a date for start of membership talks only because it spent too much tie in the waiting room of the EU,” Thimonier says.