Xhaferi Describes No-Confidence Motion as Unfounded

The claims presented in the no-confidence motion, according to Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, clearly point to the submitters’ initiative to, without any grounds, devalue his achievements and outstanding contribution in raising the level of dialogue and democratic culture in the legislative home. In response to the motion filed by the Parliamentary Group of VMRO-DPMNE, Xhaferi stresses that the party’s parliamentarians are aware that, for daily-political purposes, encouraged by their party’s seat, they make grave lies in the motion that he violates the Constitution, laws, and Parliament’s Rules of Procedure. “It’s an old truth that before you make accusations at someone, you should first take a look in the mirror,” the Parliament Speaker notes. As Xhaferi explains, if the VMRO-DPMNE MPs were a little self-critical and impartial, they should have refrained from “such unfounded attacks on me and from creating such scenarios”. The motion was filed by Hristijan Mickoski’s party last week.