Ambassadors Geer and Drexler Comment on PM’s Statement and Judiciary

Ambassadors are ready to cooperate with the new government on reforming the judicial system.

A day after PM Hristijan Mickoski’s comments on foreign ambassadors and the judiciary, EU Ambassador David Geer and German Ambassador Petra Drexler said those were matters of importance to North Macedonia’s EU path.

“I think the Prime Minister raised some important issues. I think we’re very much agreed about the need for reform of the rule of law and this is crucial for the European path of the country. And, of course, we will continue to engage with the Prime Minister, with the Government, to discuss on the best ways of moving forward, as well as with other parts of the system,” Ambassador Geer said.

Ambassador Drexler said the dialogue with the new government would continue.

“I’m very confident that that will be appreciated from all sides. We have a very strong exchange also on issues of rule of law. That is part of the EU accession process. As you know, the fundamentals are called ‘the fundamentals’ because they are so important. So, we look forward to continuing the dialogue,” the German Ambassador added.