Deal on Salary Increase for Employees of Courts and PPOs still not Reached

The second meeting between the Government and the Trade Union of Workers in the Administration, Judicial Bodies, and Associations of Citizens, held on Wednesday, didn’t see a deal reached either.

There was no concrete proposal from the Government, the Union’s head, Trpe Deanoski, said. The demands have been a salary increase of 78% and reintroduction of salary supplements. Deanoski added that negotiations would continue.

“The Government should finalise the 2024 Draft-Budget and it should be seen what it plans regarding our demands,” he stated.

Though he hopes middle ground will be found, he doesn’t know whether the Government will have funds for that. On the other hand, the Government considers that a mutually acceptable solution is close, which is why its representatives raised the issue of putting the strike of employees of courts and public prosecutor’s offices (PPOs) on hold.