Deputy PM Grubi in Interview with 360 Degrees Show

In an interview with the 360 Stepeni (360 Degrees) show on Monday, Deputy PM Artan Grubi said the name of his party’s presidential candidate, “who will win in the ethnic Albanian bloc”, will be known this week.

As he explained, the efforts to convince party leader Ali Ahmeti to be the candidate are facing big difficulties.

“You know his stand: ‘I am a missionary and I am not an official. I’m not part of a party to get office, but rather to make my mission successful.’ And everyone must go back when that is the stand. Within DUI, there are many people that could be a presidential candidate, starting from party vice presidents, secretaries, veterans, and even non-party members,” he said.

When it comes to the issue of joint lists for parliamentary elections, Grubi stated there would be consultations this week. Currently, he explained, DUI is interested in talks with the parties of Arjanit Hoxha, and Skender Rexhepi Zejd, DPA, and other political stakeholders.

“Regarding SDSM, we had a meeting around 10 days ago, together with its leader, Mister Kovacevski. I think we are supposed to have a meeting this week, too, in the coming days, to see what their and our polls shows, to see what the best way to participate is,” he noted.