House Arrest for Four Suspects over M-NAV Incidents

The Criminal Court decided to partially accept the appeal filed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) over the measures determined for the suspects of the M-NAV incidents, and determined house arrest against the four persons charged by PPO, including former minister from DUI Bekim Neziri.

Neziri came to the Criminal Court to attend the hearing over the appeal, and during the hearing, his lawyer Elenko Milanov denied the claims that the incident took place in the flight control tower or that Neziri directly participated in it.

“The entire drama around this case is based solely on one big misinformation. The event in question did not take place at the flight control tower at all, not even near that tower, and most definitely not involving the person in question that in that moment was supposed to do their job duties. Neziri turned himself in half an hour after he was called by the judicial organs, and he is here today too, which means he has no intention to run, because he is in no way involved in this incident,” Milanov claimed.