Kovacevski Resigns from Position of SDSM Leader

SDSM leader and former PM Dimitar Kovacevski announced on Wednesday during a meeting of the executive board of SDSM that he is officially resigning form the top position in the party.

“SDSM faced a defeat at the latest elections, and received a heavy blow, not only from the citizens, but also from its followers and from some current and former party members.

Now, more than ever, SDSM is in need of internal analyses and reforms, which is why, in accordance with the party statute, I demand that a party congress is held, at which new people on the top managing positions within the party will be elected.

Bearing in mind the results of the latest electoral cycles, as a high moral act, I decided to resign from the position of President of SDSM, and I call upon the rest of the party management to follow my example, and resign from their positions too,” Kovacevski said at the party meeting.