PM-Designate Mickoski Comments on Several Topics

On Wednesday, asked about the balancer issue, PM-designate Hristijan Mickoski said it was the EU that was recommending for the tool to be abolished.

The country, he stressed, should progress on the basis of competences, not according to a person’s gender and ethnic or religious affiliation.

Asked whether he’d received a positive opinion from VLEN for Ivan Stoiljkovic to be appointed Deputy PM for Inter-Community Relations, the PM-designate stated that he’d voiced a stand on the Stoiljkovic matter the previous day, adding that he didn’t want the public to be distracted from the real topics. Mickoski still doesn’t know the names of candidates for deputy ministers.

“They’ve been neither filed nor withdrawn. Consultations between coalition partners are still underway. It is practice for the deputy ministers to be voted through 3-4 weeks after the Government’s composition,” he noted.

Answering a question about the issue of relations with countries, Mickoski said the future cabinet intended to build good-neighbourly relations with all neighbours in the region equally, at a level of equality.