Vanja Gjorcevska Case: Request for House Arrest Measure for Father Rejected

Aleksandar Gjorcevski, the father of Vanja Gjorcevska, the girl killed in November of last year, will remain in detention. On Monday, the Criminal Court rejected his defence’s request to replace the detention measure with a house arrest one.

Gjorcevski was arrested at the start of December, after the other suspects said he had been giving information to the principal suspect, Ljupco Palevski, about his daughter’s whereabouts. Lawyer Vladimir Tufegdzic, two weeks ago, requested a house arrest measure in order to “keep the cohesion of the family struck by this tragedy”.

The request followed the video in which controversial Serbian politician Srdjan Nogo had said Gjorcevski had been wrongfully suspected and that he had in fact solved his daughter’s murder.