VMRO-DPMNE Presents Candidates for Caretaker Cabinet

VMRO-DMNE presented on Friday the party’s candidates for the caretaker cabinet, Pance Toskovski as Interior Minister, Elena Petrova as additional Deputy Minister of Finance, Gjoko Velkovski as Labour and Social Policy Minister, Cvetan Tripunovski as additional Deputy Minister of Agriculture, and Stefan Andonovski as additional Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration.

Party leader Hristijan Mickoski said there would be a complete transformation of the country. Toskovski announced changes to the legislation concerning travel documents to extend the deadline for their issuing.

Velkovski said dignity of citizens would be restored. Andonovski said there would be no politicised employments in the administration sector before the elections.

When it comes to Petrova, she stated there would be regular payment of subsidies and pensions, adding that the “abuse of public procurement processes” would end. Tripunovski stated that farmers would get all promised subsidies and payments.