Dimitrov: Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission suspends Activities

The Bulgarian Co-president of the Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission on Historical Issues Angel Dimitrov said that it is uncertain whether the Commission will proceed with its work, adding that the Macedonian part of the commission reached a one-sided decision to temporarily suspend all of its activities. “This decision was reached without any consultations with the Bulgarian team of the Commissions. Practically, they refuse to meet and negotiate with us. They claim that they are not working under political pressures, but now decided to suspend activities because of the upcoming election in Macedonia,” Dimitrov said. The Macedonian team reacted with a written statement. “The work of the commission is not completely stopped, just temporarily delayed. The reason for this is so that the work of the Commission is not abused in the pre-electoral campaigns on the political parties in Macedonia. Once the electoral period is over, we shall proceed with our work,” the statement writes.