Kovacevski: Clear Formulation for Protection of Macedonian Identity Crucial

Kovacevski on his Facebook page once again confirmed that the Government has not formally received a proposal that is harmonized at the level of all 27 member states, and that any solution will have to be consulted with the institutions of North Macedonia. “Whatever the final harmonized text of the French proposal, I point out that, for it to be acceptable to us, the following elements are crucial – a clear formulation of the Macedonian language in the negotiating framework and clear protection of Macedonian identity, historical issues cannot be criteria in the negotiating framework,” states Kovacevski on Facebook. The Prime Minister states that the negotiations between North Macedonia and the EU must start before the start of the procedure for constitutional changes for the inclusion of Bulgarians, Croats and Montenegrins in the preamble of the Constitution. “Strong guarantees from both Bulgaria and the European Union needed that Bulgaria will not condition itself with new requirements, beyond what will be agreed in the negotiating framework and the bilateral protocol that has not yet been harmonized with Bulgaria,” he adds.