SCPC’s Ivanovska: Corruption Situation Very Serious

“The corruption situation is very serious,” State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) President Biljana Ivanovska said at Thursday’s press-conference dedicated to the work in 2019-2020, symbolically, as she added, the end of the work on the old premises. According to her, corruption risks that have already been noted in the National Strategy, to which reports of international institutions point, continue to exist. Asked about the issue pertaining to former Government Sec Gen Dragi Raskovski, SCPC member Katica Nikolovska stated that a meeting had been held with the prosecutor in charge of the case in the frames of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. A deal was reached for the SCPC to submit its entire documentation, while it will continue the case. “We have expanded our findings also to other public procurements, not just that about the software solution,” she stressed.