Maricic: Population Census Law in Accordance with EU Standards

Justice Minister Bojan Maricic said during the parliamentary session for MP questions that Eurostat has confirmed that the law and the methodology for the upcoming Population census in Macedonia are in accordance with the highest standards applied in the EU. “After we received this positive response from Eurostat, all accusations of the opposition concerning the Population census are void. I call upon all of you to leave politics aside and to properly conduct this statistical operation, because we all need it, our citizens need it. We also adopted healthcare protocols which will protect the health of the census agents and the citizens during the entire operation, having in mind we are conducting it during the COVID-19 pandemic. Operations start from Monday, and first to be registered in the census are soldiers in the Army of North Macedonia, diplomats and their families abroad, as well as convicts in correctional facilities all over the country and homeless people,” Maricic said.