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Lazarevski Testifies in Trial over Target-Fortress Case

After 18 months, the trial over the Target-Fortress case has started. Tuesday’s hearing saw Gjorgji Lazarevski, the whistle-blower from the Interior Ministry’s Fifth Administration who helped take out the discs containing thousands of illegally wire-tapped conversations, testify. Lazarevski talked about the wire-tapping activities. During a phone conversation with a colleague of his, Zvonko Kostovski, who is a witness in the ...

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“Monster” Case: DNA of Demiri Found in Vehicle Retrieved from Crime Scene

A hearing over the “Monster” case on Friday saw the testimony of an expert from the Interior Ministry which processed the evidence acquired from the vehicle found at the crime scene. The expert said in court that they have found trace containing four different DNA samples, one of which matches the DNA of defendant Alil Demiri. The massacre nearby lake ...

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