Bulgarian Politicians react to Pendarovski’s Statement on Goce Delcev

The former Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov welcomes the statements of Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski that revolutionary Goce Delcev used to claim himself Bulgarian. “This is a rather outstanding statement of Pendarovski’s which takes official Skopje in the right direction when it comes to our bilateral relations. However, that statement only is not enough. We cannot toy with historical figures; today it was Goce Delcev, tomorrow maybe Dame Gruev or Jane Sandanski,” Parvanov said. Pendarovski’s statement was also welcome by Bulgarian MEPs Angel Dzhambazki and Andrey Kovachev. “Pendarvoski’s statement is one rather good step after almost 50 years of anti-Bulgarian sentiments in Macedonia. After years of falsification of history, we finally have a Macedonian president who says that Goce Delcev was indeed Bulgarian. From this point onwards the eventual negotiations of North Macedonia for EU membership would have to go through a decomposition of the false and untrue additions to the Macedonian history,” Dzhambaski comments. Kovaches made similar comments. “The binational commission must also confirm this information immediately, not only for Goce Delcev, but for many other historical figures like the Miladinovi Brothers, Grigor Prlicev, Rajko Zinzifov, Boris Sarafov, Vasil Cakalarov and many others who have always declared themselves Bulgarian,” Kovachev says.