PM Zaev: Joint Commission should Resolve Goce Delcev Issue

According to PM Zoran Zaev, the Joint Commission, not politics, should resolve the Goce Delcev issue. As he said in Monday’s interview with Kanal 5 TV, though history matters a lot to both Skopje and Sofia, it must be a starting point to build the future. No European country and government should call identity issues into question, Zaev added. Asked about the Government’s non-reaction to the Bulgarian Memorandum, the PM’s stand is that the wise and smart policies of not rushing have made Macedonia successful in terms of achieving its strategic goals, on which life in the country from the standpoint of the economy and perspective depends.  In the interview, Zaev levelled fierce criticism at Hristijan Mickoski, describing the VMRO-DPMNE leader as a person “who is lost in space”.