Zaev: I Believe We Can Overcome Bilateral Issues with Bulgaria by 17 November

PM Zoran Zaev said that the government will intensify the communication with official Sofia in the following days in an attempt to overcome the bilateral disputes and differences, which if not resolved will most probably delay the start of the membership negotiations with the EU. “True European politicians have to give a chance to the dialogue process and try to find an agreement. Yesterday in Sofia we had rather constructive meetings in a friendly atmosphere, which revealed our honest intentions to overcome the bilateral issues. We shall proceed with such dynamism. From the experiences in the negotiations with Greece, I learned that when it comes to the Balkans, a true solution can be achieved only if both sides come out victorious from the dispute. We shall proceed with the talks on relation Skopje-Sofia, and the public will be promptly informed if significant progress is achieved,” Zaev said, expressing hope that solution will be reached by Tuesday 17 November, the day of the informal meeting of EU heads of states.