PM Zaev Message on Revolutionary Struggle Day

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev congratulated October 23-Day of Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle on Tuesday, saying togetherness is the key for all future challenges of peace, stability and better life. “The bravery of the activists of the Macedonian revolutionary struggle to whom we bow today is our incentive to make Macedonia a dignified country. We are learning from history and moving boldly to the future. We have extended our hands for reconciliation with all neighbors. Let’s extend our hands at home, a value characteristic for great nations,” PM Zaev says in the note. He calls for togetherness towards Europe, because isolation leads to nowhere. “Patriotism is building the path for future generations, creating a country recognized by all, as aspired by the founders of the Macedonian revolutionary struggle. A country we are proud of, a state we will invest in, as the ones before had done,” reads the note.