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53rd Parliament session; Amendments Adopted

Within the 53rd session MPs without a debate adopted the Law on amending the law on training and examination of principles of primary schools, secondary schools, school centres and open civil universities for lifelong learning in an urgent procedure. With 58 votes in favour and 15 against the Parliament upheld the amendments to the Law on judges and public prosecutors ...

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Committee on European Affairs Concludes Debate on Need for Amending Code

The amendments to the Electoral Code were adopted at the Committee for European Affairs without reviewing single amendments of the total 400 amendments filed by opposition VMRO-DPMNE. Committee Chair Artan Grubi said the debate had to be ended within two days. Next the amendments are either to be voted at a plenary session or an agreement is to be reached ...

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Parliament Votes in Need for Amending Electoral Code Related to SEC

The parliament voted in the need for amending the Electoral Code. The amendments were sought by the government in order to prevent the obstruction from the opposition regarding the election of composition of the State Election Commission. The law was drafted with European flag and the procedure is to be led in shortened procedure. Opposition VMRO-DPMNE fiercely reacted to the ...

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