Government Simplifies Conditions for Crediting Micro and Macro Enterprises
Tuesday, 03 September 2013 09:19

The government has simplified the conditions for crediting micro and macro enterprises, contained in the operative plan for active measures for employment. So, instead of the condition according to which the companies applying for these conditions should have at least two employees in a period of three months before the competition where there are applications for the funds, the new condition says that the companies can have just one employee during the same period. Another change is that the funds can now be used to employ unemployed persons that have been a part of the Employment Agency’s records for at least one day if their employment ended three months before the announcing of the competition for the funds. Previously, the persons needed to be a part of the records for three months. The new competitions will start next week and there will be a credit of 3,000 euros for each new job and the applications have a limit of three new jobs.

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