Joveski: Gruevski didn’t Escape through Any border-crossing

Chief Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski says in an interview with MIA that former PM Nikola Gruevski didn’t leave Macedonia’s territory through any border-crossing. “There has been hearing of witnesses,” he points out, adding that he will not reveal other details in order to avoid harming the pre-investigative procedure. According to Joveski, the Prosecutor’s Office has taken several activities to secure evidence, as was announced. Evidence has been requested on the basis of international legal aid from Albanian and Montenegrin relevant organs. As he explains, videos from several locations, including border-crossings and roads, have been obtained. “The Prosecutor’s Office is analysing the content of the obtained evidence, while the evidence from Albania is at the same time being expected to be obtained,” Joveski stated. In that regard, the Office isn’t determining whether there were oversights by certain institutions, but rather whether there were criminal-legal activities by some persons to enable the escape. The Prosecutor explains that relevant institutions, within the frameworks of their international organisation, need to determine whether there was some responsibility in their action and competence and, if that is the case, what kind. Regarding the amnesty process concerning the 27 April 2017 attacks in Parliament, Joveski considers it to be a political act and doesn’t comment on it. So far, 20 persons charged in relation to the case have been freed in the process.