Pendarovski receives Support from 60 MPs

“Over 60 MPs supported, with their signature, Stevo Pendarovski’s candidacy in the presidential race,” SDSM Sec Gen Aleksandar Kiracovski, who also heads the Election HQ for the presidential elections, said on Wednesday. According to him, though the legal condition for the candidacy has been met, Kiracovski urged citizens to directly back Pendarovski by visiting the State Election Commission’s regional unit throughout the country starting from Thursday to sign. “Stevo is our choice because we believe he is a person with integrity, who will be a true President of all citizens,” the SDSM Sec Gen stated, adding that Pendarovski would be guided by the interests of the country and its citizens. Also, Kiracovski criticised the current President, Gjorge Ivanov because, according to him, his term has seen him work against Macedonia’s interest and in favour of VMRO-DPMNE. In response to Kiracovski’s stands, VMRO-DPMNE once again levelled criticism at Pendarovski, describing him as a “proven and extended arm of Zaevism”. The same day, Blerim Reka officialised his candidacy. BESA leader Bilall Kasami said Reka was the best candidate because he was not a party person and his victory would be a step forward towards “liberation from the claws of particisation”. Alliance for Albanians leader Zaidin Sela considers that Reka symbolises a consensual candidate. Reka announced a different, non-populist campaign that, in his view, will serve citizens.