PS Xhaferi calls for Fair and regular Elections

On Thursday, PS Talat Xhaferi made an appeal for fair and regular elections to citizens, political parties and presidential candidates because that is in Macedonia’s interest and among the conditions for a date to start negotiations with the European Union. According to him, citizens should exercise right to vote and thus contribute to the initial regularity of the whole process. Regarding parties directly or indirectly supporting the candidates, Xhaferi stated that they shouldn’t heat up the pre-election campaign and that they should have an appropriate level of political culture in mutual communication. As far as the three candidates are concerned, the PS pointed out that they should use their intellectual credibility and contribute with the intellectual approach to the elections being as acceptable to everyone as possible, that is, to the campaign not getting a negative connotation. Asked what would happen if the threshold wasn’t met in the second round, the PS stated that there was a procedure based on the country’s Constitution and law, according to which the whole procedure would be repeated, while the PS served as Acting President until the election of a new head of state.