PPO to Prosecute El Cheka for Publication of “Bombs”

The Basic Public Prosecution (PPO) delivered to the Prosecution in Kicevo charges against the man known on social networks as EL Cheka, who in the past weeks was publishing on Facebook recordings of wire-tapped phone conversations related to members of DUI and VMRO-DPMNE, and directed verbal threats towards PM Zoran Zaev. According to the text of the charges, El Cheka’s living address is registered in the village of Tuin near Kicevo, but he currently resides in Chicago, US, from where he is publishing the recordings. El Cheka is being prosecuted for violation of Articles 151 and 152 of the Macedonian Criminal Law, i.e. unauthorised wire-tapping and recording of phone lines. PPO has also contacted the judicial authorities in the US, asking for their cooperation in locating and detaining El Cheka.