COVID-19 Situation Over Past 3 Days

The Health Ministry informed that Friday, Saturday and Sunday had 934, 1,085 and 865 registered new COVID-19 cases respectively. During the same period 57 persons infected with the virus passed away. During the same periods 928, 761 and 837 violations respectively have been registered for not wearing protective equipment in public. There were 41 COVID-19 related deaths during the same period, and the number of active cases stands at 9,058. Former Minister of Interior and Director of the Intelligence Agency, Nakje Culev informed that he is COVID-19 positive, while Environment Minister Neser Nuredini reported that even though he tested negative for the virus, according to recommendations he will work from isolation during the upcoming period. The Public Health Centre also informed that no MPs will go in isolation after MP Slavjanka Pertovska was confirmed to be positive for the virus.