Karakachanov Makes New Controversial Statements Regarding Macedonia

Bulgarian Defence Minister and Deputy PM Krasimir Karakachanov has made new statements about Macedonia. According to him, Sofia hasn’t vetoed Macedonia, but rather left room for the negotiations to resume when the situation in his country’s western neighbour will improve. In a statement for a Bulgarian TV station, Karakachanov urges politicians to build the Macedonian history on the basis of historic facts. The Bulgarian politician explains that the population there has, as early as since the SFRY era, has been trained, raised to hate Bulgarians, Albanians, and Greeks, adding that they only have love towards Belgrade and the Serbs. “Everything else should be hated. To them, we’re Tatars, fascists and occupiers,” Karakachanov says. He sarcastically points out that it will turn out that Macedonians have existed since the Saint Paul era and that Jesus Christ was Macedonian.