President Xhaferi Meets Colonel Jankovic

Monday, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, received on a farewell visit the Head of the NATO Liaison Office in Skopje, Colonel Zoran Jankovic. On this occasion, PS Xhaferi thanked for the engagement of this Office so far, especially Mr. Jankovic as a contemporary of the country’s three decades of NATO integration, with wishes for further personal and professional success. Colonel Jankovic stressed that the credit for the realization of this significant benefit for the country belongs to all previous governments, parliaments and presidents, but the role of the Parliament is crucial in refining the political dialogue and consensus for membership in the most powerful and longest lasting military-political alliance globally. The interlocutors exchanged views on future activities in the NATO Alliance that will focus on permanent transformation and modernization, as well as building stable defence systems. The alliance with all NATO member states together, but also on a separate bilateral basis, is a further challenge for the country to achieve the basic goal of the Alliance – the protector of global peace and security.