1,259 New COVID-19 Cases, 45 Deaths in Past 24 Hours

1,259 new COVID-19 cases were registered in the past 24 hours out of 4,555 tests, while 45 COVID-19 patients have passed away. The Health Ministry also informs that at the moment 1,744 patients with COVID-19 are hospitalised at clinics around the country. The total number of COVID-diagnosed persons in the country since the beginning of the epidemic is 136,426, the number of recovered patients is 111,139, the number of deaths is 4,022, and the number of active cases is 21,265.  MoI informed that there have been 481 registered violations of the face-mask measure during the same 24-hour period and 23 curfew violations. Health Minister Venko Filipce, during his visit to A1 Sports Centre “Boris Trajkovski” where vaccination was held for the second day, stated that the measures the government has implemented have always been in favour of the public health, and were never politically motivated.